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the girl in your dreams [entries|friends|calendar]
the girl in your dreams

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sure you can watch me walk away..like i GIVE A FUCK! [06 Feb 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

everything is going good. sure there are problems, but not everything can go perfect all the time! i love my job and all the people that work there. my mom is almost done with her radiation and her hair is growing back! i never thought that i would have to deal with an issue like cancer or the possibility of my mom dying, but in the long run its made my family so much stronger! my mom is such a strong woman and i look up to her more than she could ever possibly imagine! i really do wish when i grow up that i could be like her. college im SO excited about!! i might be a sun-devil!! :D go ASU! but im not sure yet so im not trying to get my hopes up too high! i love my real friends. every year you go thru a situation which separates your true friends from the people that dont really care, so im thankful that in the end i have the people i love most!! kisses ;)ya its sad and it hurts, but what can ya do! the other people obviously werent worth my time! this will be my last livejournal post. im over it. just stupid people trying to get other people all hot and bothered, and i dont wanna participate anymore! in conlusion, i love the point that i am at in my life and i wouldnt change anything!
id rather be hated for who i am, then be loved for who im not! ya CHOKE on that!!!!!
peace out.

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im so EXCITED [30 Jan 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i can't wait to feel your lips against mine again :D :D
::sigh:: whatever happens, happens!! ;)
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[27 Jan 2005|01:32pm]
change of plans..
1) im not walking in the fashion show anymore
2) things are heating up with the crush :D :D :D
3) i just dont give a shit about people at school anymore. id rather just graduate and move on and leave those people behind.
::except my inner alliance :D ivy,anna,ash,linds::
"its us against the world!!!!!"
-ivanna moreno

ouch. over it. thats the moment when you stick up your middle finger and say fuck you.
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[26 Jan 2005|11:53pm]
i love hanging out with christine!! :D aww stupac and anthony are so darn cute! :D :D :D
the girl says love me

twisted? [25 Jan 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]


besides the bullshit....

YAY! THAT WAS SO EXCITING!! WHAT GOOD NEWS! THANKS CRISY!!! :D :D :D :D awwww hes so cuteeeeeee :D

the girl says love me

[23 Jan 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

studying and working all weekend. :( ya well that definitely sucked!! friday was awesome! habibi with ivanna, linds, and ash was so chill and relaxing, perfect before studying for finals! peach hookah (YUMMY) mixed with casual conversation!! :D :D :D :D after i went and picked up anita from work. and basically ..GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! :D I CANT HELP IT!! ::sigh::

the girl says love me

YAY!~! [18 Jan 2005|09:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D i have a crush on you :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
damn i dont think ive been this happy since last october or november! oh my. butterflies in my stomach and getting nervous around him? thats a feeling i havent felt in so long! :) sigh doesnt it feel amazing when everything seems to just fall into place?

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[16 Jan 2005|02:31am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

since you've been gone..i can breathe for the first time..im still moving..thanks to you..now i get what i want ;D

friday: hung out with my bestest friend! YAY! ali and anna day!! :D :D :D took the other bestest friend to work at 6. picked up tips at my work. me and anita saw "in good company" and then all 3 of us went home! DOOKY! keebler elf! ;D aww ivanna is such a comedian! i love hanging out with my girls! i love them! ::smiles::

Saturday: work. pick ivanna up. sleep. study. sleep. talk on the phone to e-trunk (anthony), stu-pac (stuart), and matt! sooo not a funny joke! you two do sound alike! haha! :D

Sunday: work. boys are visiting me. the rest of the day is up in the air :D

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[12 Jan 2005|10:07pm]
[ mood | weird ]

weird? kinda grossed out. im not gonna lie.

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CONGRATS ON CSUN! [08 Jan 2005|09:13pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

*work. work. work. thats my life. if im not working then its anna time, ivanna time, family time, or sleep time. ugh. blah.

*worked with gavin (a lead from another store.) HOT AS HELL! yum. tommorrow i work with Cohen.

*i hope the boys won tonight! GOOO MIKE!! BREAK A LEG! BUT DONT TAKE IT LITERALLY OR YOU MIGHT GET HURT LIKE LINDSAY DID! DAMN THOSE KNEE PADS! I CURSE YOU! ;) its okay slow poke, you'll be back to your normal speed in NO time! i love you lindzers!

*family dinner is always interesting! congrats Karrie on graduating from CSUN! woohoo! C & O Cucina had good food. its always fun to drink champagne and sing "thats amore" at the top of your lungs! ;) alittle buzzed, but im still walking in a straight line so thats all that matters! awww Crisy, im bummed i didnt see you there! MO we just missed each other!! bummer status! i♥u.

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[30 Dec 2004|08:45pm]

i love you beansy! happy 18th birthday! GO GET SOME PORN BABE! YOU DESERVE IT!! you are one of my best friends, even though we have drifted you are still so close to my heart! i love you more than anything josh-ae! ;)
always your little girl,
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what a night! [30 Dec 2004|02:12am]
[ mood | flirty ]

oh man tonight was SO much fun! closed with paul :) always a joy! bought the chappelle first season at Best Buy! talked on the phone to my dominic, went to a kickback on beverly glen with crisy, left that shit and hung out with cohen and some of his friends for alittle at the applepan. they got boring so first we went to fill up izzy's tank because she was gettin kinda low and then we went to more of crisy's friends houses! oh my god i met the FUNNIEST GUY EVER and the cutest boy!! :D :D :D Anthony ( the funny guy) made me cry i was laughing so fucking hard! his imitations can make anyone crack a smile! hahha! and stuart is so fucking cute! (stewy!) i actually think that hes reallly cute which is weird for me! we shall see where that goes!!!! :) tommmorrow i have a doctors appointment and then work with cohen!

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[22 Dec 2004|03:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

gosh i hate when people start unnecessary fights between people. im glad we are okay :) i love you playboy
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i realized... [21 Dec 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

happy birthday ashley!!! :D yay! 18 years old! LETS GO BUY PORN! SCORE! ;)

cooked french toast at the twins house with syrup, powdered sugar, and whip cream for breakfast! left the twins house and went shoppin at topanga mall. ivanna bought me the green day cd (HELL YES) and a new cd case as my secret santa present. i bought 2 cute new belly button rings because im sick of the ones i have. long car ride back from the valley. adventures at savon with ivanna. :) pointed out my hookin up territory to her hahha went out to dinner at PF CHANGS! lettuce.wraps.so.bomb. shopped at century for a tad. came back and watched elf. wow annas mom is funny "you all look like a bunch of alligators" uhhh? hahhaha (we were just laying on the bed together and watching a movie, how we look like alligators is the mystery?)

BAH! i have to get up at 6 to open at work. i love these kinds of days. NOT! if i wasnt makin bank id quit :)

i love how we are so close! thats how best friends should be. its good to know that we found out the reason why we fight sometimes. haha we are definitely too honest and too opinionated. we should take after other people and be fake towards each other and not tell what we really think to each others faces and then maybe we wouldnt fight. hahhahah! oh man. hahha linds: pinky kiss on it that yall wont tell anyone what im about to tell you. ::everyone does:: "blah blah blah (she tells us her secret)" ali: "THAT was the secret? that sucks i thought it was gonna be somethin good" hahha ;) i love you girls. definitely thankful for my true best friends. couldnt ask for anything more.

the girl says love me

[20 Dec 2004|12:42pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

24 hours until ashes bday! woop! :D
worked from 6 am-12 and then i have to go BACK to work and work from 4:30-Close. yuck! :( right when i get off of work i have to race out to the valley to go to ashley's bday dinner! im excited! all of the close friends eatin together, raggin on each other, and laughing our asses off! aww i love these times! :) i cant wait! too bad anna has to work but its chill! i have to pick her up from work and then im sleepin at her casa! like the ol' days! i love that girl ;)

the girl says love me

belt it out! :) [19 Dec 2004|02:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

**friday was fun! hung out with dom for a couple of hours! i love that kid! went shoppin with anna and linds! my favorite girls in the world! hahha "need head" "size matters" the famous aahs shirts! and of course YU-GI-YOH!:D got my hair done and everything! i definitely LOVE it!
**Saturday i worked from 7 am to 3 pm and then got home went straight to choir rehersal and then the show started at 7:30! it was really bad and boring but hey i do it every year so its nothing new! my solo sucked ass, but considering i had all my best friends there watching me (minus ryan..JERK! so holding this against you :( )..its a duh why i was shaking and shit! :) thanks mikey, linds, ash, anna, ivy, and zach for comin! After we just kicked it and pigged out on pizza! (pigged out being the key phrase ;) ) just some quotes for the night : "aw shes with child!" "everyone freeze...(long pause; no movement) ANNNNDDD SCENE!" "omg my hand touched ali's butt. oh my god" "youve lost that LOVING feelin! WOAH that LOVIN FEELIN!" (mike singin) "which way are your eyes suppose to be? dialated or uhh dialated?..whats the other way called?" "hovering butterfly and anna's hand on boob position" oh man thanks for keepin me laughin pals!
**Sunday i went to work from 7 am to 1:30. ugh im so tired! i absolutely LOVE paul! hes hilarious! "heyyyy buddddy!" "spits n swallows" haha aww my paulie! gotta get ready for the show tonight! yippie

the girl says love me

[15 Dec 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | loved ]

*happy bday jenaboo! :)
school was normal. walking with my ryan in the fashion show, wow is that a surprise to anyone? i doubt it haha :D i love my playboy! work went by quick. thank god no choir practice! YES! thats all. im outtie! peace yo!

i miss it. i feel it. but i definitely dont want it. yayers! :D :D

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[12 Dec 2004|08:41pm]
[ mood | content ]

worked all weekend..what a joy!

baby you should let me love you.... :D

the girl says love me

[11 Dec 2004|12:45am]
[ mood | chillaxn ]

yup i knew it! :D damn im good.....yummmmy!

p.s. ocean's 12 was AmAZING! me and ashes loved it! DEFINITELY LOVED IT! brad pitt definitely is orgasmic. god damn what id do to him! hahahhaha jk! i think i love him?

the girl says love me

done. [08 Dec 2004|09:14pm]
[ mood | furious ]

im not participating in this bullshit.

the girl says love me

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